Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Why I Run

 Since this is a running blog, I probably should tell you why I run. I run because I am fat. Well, I am actually not that bad anymore after losing 108 lbs to date. But I am still well over what is considered healthy in terms of weight, BMI, and body fat percentage. I have read a lot of runner's stories of how they used to be runners or athletes in high school or college. Well, I am not one of those runners. I never used to be a track star while in high school. I never was an athlete of any sort for that matter. The closest thing I can claim was that I was in Little League for a couple years while I was in middle school. I did enjoy being outdoors though and living next to the Colorado River during my high school years gave me plenty of reason to be outside. Especially during bikini season.

 In 2010, after a year of being out of the military and jobless. I did a lot of nothing and watching television during the premium hours of midday. Before I knew what was going on, I had ballooned up to 297lbs. While I never felt fat, the pictures I saw of myself told another story. I found a job and things started going pretty good. Even though I would get winded just sitting, I started walking during my lunch. To everybody's surprise and to mine, the walks didn't kill me. So I started adding a couple 1 mile attempts at "running" during the week. I am using the term "running" very loosely here. For any one else, I am sure my gasping for air, red-faced, sweaty, barely faster than walking shuffle would not be considered running.

After I was able to run a mile without stopping and was losing a bunch of weight, I started feeling good about myself. I was enjoying the fact that I was making progress.

I even started to watch my calories and to eat healthier. I also bought some running shoes, a couple of tech t-shirts, some basketball shorts, and a Garmin watch. So now at least I looked mostly like a runner or maybe I just looked like I ate a runner and took his stuff. Either way the next step was to create a goal for myself. So whether I was ready or not I signed up for a local 5k. My time for my first 5k ended up being 34:49 and ever since than I have been really hooked on running.

So there you have it. I run because I am fat and I have fun doing it.

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