Monday, September 30, 2013

Time to get Training

This last week has been fairly uneventful training wise. Last weekend and next weekend are the last before my Xterra race on the 13th of October. I had signed up for the 18k way back when I was much more optimistic of my recovery. Now that time is running out I still have to decide on what distance race I would like to do. So my training has not been very specialized to either the 11k or the 18k. Here is how last weeks training went.

Wednesday (Sept 25) - 6.10 miles at 10:27 pace.

Saturday  (Sept 28) - 7.31 Miles at a 11:28 pace. Was supposed to be a 6 mile run but was exploring a new route and it ended up a little longer than I wanted.

Nice Sunrise for my Saturday Run.
Mornings are starting to get cold in the High Desert.

Well anyways, the title to this post is about my training. I have come up with a loose training plan for getting me to the Xterra Pt. Mugu 18k or 11k. I don't really have much time left so I aim to do a balanced running regimen with speed/hill/mileage.

Tues- Sprints
Thurs- Fast 3 mile
Sat- 8 mile long run
Tues- Hill sprints
Thurs- 6 miler
Sun- Race

So there you have it. I hope to be race ready but will have to feel it out as I go along.

Would you run 18k non-competitively but a more pleasant/scenic run, or 11k competitively?
I love to compete so I'm leaning towards 11k.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Mountain Training

Last week was a good week for running. The weather is finally starting to cool off a little and I'm getting some confidence in my body back. Still worried that at any moment I'm going to have a set back, but so far so good. Here is my runs for last week.

Monday: 3.2 miles at a 10:42 pace. Still slow but extended my mileage.

Wednesday: 1.3 miles at a 10:30 pace. A run just to run.

Saturday:  Wrightwood Acorn Trail
                 3.2 miles up doing 2 minute run and 4 minute walk intervals.
                 3.2 miles down at a 11:49 pace.
                 Total running time for Saturday was 1hr 53 mins.

I even thought ahead and took a few pictures of the trail. Which ended up being a good excuse to stop and catch my breath without admitting that I needed to. Plus it means no meme nonsense for my readers this week. Some real life pictures! No need to thank me, just doing my job.

Me, unbrushed hair, unaware of the punishment I'll be receiving in Trail form.
Finally reached the trail after running 1 mile through town
Attempt #2 at a view

Attempt #1 at a view
Finally reached the top
Me, feeling fat and wishing I stayed home and watched cartoons instead 

Running back down, my brother leading the way
Near bottom of trail, by here my legs were quivering from exhaustion.

That was my second time running the Acorn Trail and it was harder than I had remembered. It was most likely too much for my lungs but it was a real final test. If I don't get a relapse of my pleurisy in the next couple days I believe I should be good. I don't know of a harder run for lungs than at high altitude and running up 2600 feet.

My legs are crazy sore and I can barely walk around. I probably should look into those foam rollers and/or compression socks everyone is talking about. So I'll take a couple days off from running again and I will be in regular training mode by middle of this week. Xterra Point Mugu Trail Run is in 19 days.

Has anyone done something that was probably too advanced for them?
This mountain run was too advanced for my current fitness level and I'm definitely paying for it.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Running Again!

Good news everyone!  I have been able to run with no setbacks so far. OK, maybe it's just good news for me, and bad news for my loved ones who have gotten used to seeing more of me (or vice versa?). I have been nervous about announcing my comeback because I am still convinced that something bad will happen. So far I have been good, I have waited a long time for my body to recover from pleurisy and I have been slow and careful with the little fitness that I have done. So it feels good to finally be making progress again.

Last week I was able to do three 1 mile runs, not sure of time because I refused to wear my Garmin. I still felt good, even though it felt harder than I would like to admit even at a slow pace.

This week I upped my mileage and time. Probably way too much, but hey, I was excited to be running again. Don't judge me. :)

Monday: 2.62 miles at 11:52 min mile pace
Wednesday: 2.45 miles at 11:00 min pace
Friday: 2.71 miles at 10:37 min pace

My numbers are all over the place because I still was running by effort and a loose goal time of 30 minutes.

Forgive me, I am bad at math (probably worse with grammar) but I believe my mileage went up 250%.  Well above the tried and true runner common knowledge benchmark of only increasing by 10%. So before the runner gods punish me with injury, I'll punish myself and will take a couple of days off from running until next week.

Happy Friday the 13th Everyone!

What running rules do you break?
Any Friday the 13th superstitions?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Baby Steps to Running

Hello everyone. I realize I haven't posted in a while. Being sidelined with pleurisy has really not given me much to do in the workout category. A couple weeks ago I was cleared to start doing easy exercise as long as I could control my breathing. So I started with walks, then have progressed to a walk/shuffle, and this morning I tried running a mile at a slow steady pace, really concentrating on my breathing. Because I am often finding myself obsessed with my time and speed, I decided to leave my Garmin at home so I could just base my speed off of my effort. Baby steps.

Just Say No to Speed

It is 39 days till the So-Cal Xterra Trail Run Series starts with Point Mugu. I am still hopeful that I will be able to run in this event. At the very least I have volunteered to help mark the course the day before so I will participate to some degree. I have been wanting to volunteer at some of these events for a while but like many other runners find it hard to find the extra time to do so. So anyways, if I can find the time than anyone can.  :D

Some famous people who have had pleurisy (besides my awesome self):

  • Ken Griffey Jr was diagnosed with pleurisy in 2007.
  • LeBron James was diagnosed with pleurisy in 2005.
  • Ringo Starr had chronic-pleurisy at age 13.
  • Mahatma Gandhi suffered from pleurisy during WWI while in London.
  • Francis Scott Key died in 1843 from pleurisy.
  • Benjamin Franklin died after an abscess in his lungs burst from what is believed to be a case of pleurisy.
  • Charlemagne died in 814 of pleurisy.

Did anyone do anything this Labor Day Weekend?