Friday, September 13, 2013

Running Again!

Good news everyone!  I have been able to run with no setbacks so far. OK, maybe it's just good news for me, and bad news for my loved ones who have gotten used to seeing more of me (or vice versa?). I have been nervous about announcing my comeback because I am still convinced that something bad will happen. So far I have been good, I have waited a long time for my body to recover from pleurisy and I have been slow and careful with the little fitness that I have done. So it feels good to finally be making progress again.

Last week I was able to do three 1 mile runs, not sure of time because I refused to wear my Garmin. I still felt good, even though it felt harder than I would like to admit even at a slow pace.

This week I upped my mileage and time. Probably way too much, but hey, I was excited to be running again. Don't judge me. :)

Monday: 2.62 miles at 11:52 min mile pace
Wednesday: 2.45 miles at 11:00 min pace
Friday: 2.71 miles at 10:37 min pace

My numbers are all over the place because I still was running by effort and a loose goal time of 30 minutes.

Forgive me, I am bad at math (probably worse with grammar) but I believe my mileage went up 250%.  Well above the tried and true runner common knowledge benchmark of only increasing by 10%. So before the runner gods punish me with injury, I'll punish myself and will take a couple of days off from running until next week.

Happy Friday the 13th Everyone!

What running rules do you break?
Any Friday the 13th superstitions?

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