Monday, September 30, 2013

Time to get Training

This last week has been fairly uneventful training wise. Last weekend and next weekend are the last before my Xterra race on the 13th of October. I had signed up for the 18k way back when I was much more optimistic of my recovery. Now that time is running out I still have to decide on what distance race I would like to do. So my training has not been very specialized to either the 11k or the 18k. Here is how last weeks training went.

Wednesday (Sept 25) - 6.10 miles at 10:27 pace.

Saturday  (Sept 28) - 7.31 Miles at a 11:28 pace. Was supposed to be a 6 mile run but was exploring a new route and it ended up a little longer than I wanted.

Nice Sunrise for my Saturday Run.
Mornings are starting to get cold in the High Desert.

Well anyways, the title to this post is about my training. I have come up with a loose training plan for getting me to the Xterra Pt. Mugu 18k or 11k. I don't really have much time left so I aim to do a balanced running regimen with speed/hill/mileage.

Tues- Sprints
Thurs- Fast 3 mile
Sat- 8 mile long run
Tues- Hill sprints
Thurs- 6 miler
Sun- Race

So there you have it. I hope to be race ready but will have to feel it out as I go along.

Would you run 18k non-competitively but a more pleasant/scenic run, or 11k competitively?
I love to compete so I'm leaning towards 11k.


  1. After the marathon... I dunno. My leg is begging for a break. haha. we shall see if I do the 18K. Great job on the training. keep up the great work.

  2. Thank you. Congrats on finishing the marathon. Looking forward to reading your race recap.

  3. If you feel ready to race again and you want to, do the 11k. If not, run the 18k and enjoy the day. Great job on training!