Saturday, October 5, 2013

Normal Aches and Pains

This past week has got me a little worried about a setback with my pleurisy. I knew I was going to be pushing my luck a little because when I work on my speed my lungs and body hurt anyway. So it is hard figuring out what aches and pains that are normal and what is something I need to worry about. This is how my week has gone.

Tues - 160 meter sprints   1. 32 sec
                                          2. 32 sec
                                          3. 32 sec
                                          4. 35 sec
                                          5. 35 sec
                                          6. 34 sec
                                          7. 37 sec
                                          8. 36 sec

Had originally planned on doing 10 sprints but I was getting too weak to keep proper form. I really need to do more core work. Now where did I put that Xbox 360 Jillian Michaels workout game?

Wed - 1.3 miles at 8:52 min/mile pace.

Had to cut it short because my lungs starting hurting. It was a cold morning and I was going at a real fast pace. My lungs would hurt in that situation anyway but I decided to play it safe and not do the full 3 miles.

My lungs are impossible to please.

Sat - 6.2 miles at 10:39 min/mile pace.

I had originally cancelled this run because I was worried about a setback with my pleurisy. I woke up this morning though and really wanted to run. So I ran at a real easy pace. I did feel some tenderness occasionally in my lungs/lower back/ abdomen. The tenderness would come and go and never really turned painful. So I pushed it the whole way.

Now, I just have to wait and see what happens. I will either have a setback with my pleurisy or I will prove to myself that it was just normal aches and pains. It probably wasn't my best idea to test myself the week before my race. But I never claimed that I was smart though.

What races or events is everyone looking forward to this running season?


  1. I had to Google pleurisy. Just learned something new. Sorry to hear you're dealing with this. Keep rockin' on in the safest way you can.

    1. It certainly has been hard trying to find the right balance of how fast I can return to running and at what effort.