Thursday, October 24, 2013

Race Recovery

My official race recovery is finally complete today. The general running rule is to take it easy a day for every mile you raced. In my case I need to take 11 days off. Although I hate to admit it, all the evidence shows that I am injury prone. So I decided to take it easy for the entire recovery period. I don't know about other runners but I know a couple of days after a race I feel great and I am in that post race honeymoon feeling. Which means the last thing I want to do is take it easy. What I do want to do is start running further, faster, and sign-up for 10 races to run the following weekend.

While the general rule says to take it easy. It does not mean you can not do anything. So this is what I did for the last 11 days whether you want to know or not.

Monday 14th - Day 1

Played miniature golf with family.  (I'm counting that as cross training)

Friday 18th - Day 5

Ran an easy 2 miles. (Nice and slow)

Saturday 19th - Day 6

Hiked for 1.5 miles with kids searching for geocaches. (Again, fun cross training)

Tuesday 22nd - Day 9

Ran 2.6 miles. Short distance but pushed the pace a little.

Average min/mile pace- 9:34

Thursday 24th - Day 11 ( Race Recovery Complete )

Ran 3.4 miles. Ran a little further and faster. I must have been excited because I started off way too fast.

Average min/mile pace- 9:11

I also did some real cross training mixed in but I realized that I haven't been posting often enough to include it and not have this post unnecessarily long. I have become more motivated to include more cross training because of the jealousy I have of my brother's arms in this picture.

I hate you and your arms!

Future races that I am considering right now is a local Turkey Trot 5k and than possibly the Xterra Boney Mountain 21k on January 12th. So until then I have to work on my arms running.

What feature or skill are you jealous of from a friend, or family member?


  1. Very important to recognize that you are injury prone, to listen to your body ... found your blog from the comment on Sara's blog, and as she learned it is important to listen to your body before you get hurt ... I am very fortunate that my body and joints are very forgiving and not prone to injury, and as I run more and more miles over the last couple years I am very aware and protective of that!

    That looks like a fun race you ran, my work schedule this year didn't allow me to get in any trail races ... next year for sure!

    I used to be jealous of how much faster some friends run than me ... but given how many of them have had injuries to deal with this year, I'll remain happy with my mid-pack lifestyle :)

    1. Yea, I enjoy reading Sara's blog. I have become better at listening to my body and realizing that I just might not be as invincible as I thought.

  2. Mini-golf totally counts. I consider vacuuming a form of crosstraining. Good job at sticking with recovery. I think that is a challenge in itself.

    1. Thank you. I agree, recovery days really seem to drag on. lol. BTW, I enjoy reading your blog.