Friday, November 15, 2013

Blogger #Fail

Hello again. I am totally failing at being an awesome blogger by not posting for awhile. I am going to pretend that perhaps it was a planned "cliffhanger" to keep all you readers wondering what and when I am going to post again. As witnessed by the hash-tag in my blog post title, I have been starting to get the hang of Instagram and Twitter. So if you want more and quicker Captain Speedypants updates than you can follow me on those unsocial media sites as well.

My training has been going really well. I have been getting some running, swimming, mountain biking, stationary biking, and some strength training in. Although I still haven't been able to drag my butt to the gym yet. I have no idea why I dread going to the gym so much.

Here is a list of how my fitness training has been going.

Saturday- long run, currently around 8 miles and going up in half mile increments. (11min/mile avg)
Tuesday- moderate run, usually 4-6 miles with hills at a fast but maintainable pace. (9:30 min/mile avg)
Thursday- Speed run, 8X400's or 4X800's (7:20 min/mile pace or better)

I hope running near  power lines doesn't cause cancer

My swimming has been sporadic but am trying to get a schedule in place. Eventually I would like to try to get to the pool 2-3 times a week.

I love smelling like chlorine

Mountain Biking
This is just for fun but would like to get one ride a month in. My last ride was a little over 8 miles and I discovered that running fitness and biking fitness do not transfer over. I was really struggling to get up the hills. I believe it took me over an hour to make it up to the highest point and then it was a very fast but fun 10 minutes back down. The ratio of 6/1 between pain and fun almost doesn't seem worth it.

Stationary Biking
Monday- 30 mins
Wednesday - 45 mins

Strength Training
Have been mostly just doing pushups at home. Nothing fancy but I figured it works out my core and my neglected upper body. My family makes fun of me when I do random pushups during commercials of the shows we watch. So at least I've been entertaining. I no longer have the excuse that I can't find my weight bench in the epic adventure known as my garage because I finally have it cleared out. Hopefully I can get some other strength training started soon.

As you can see I am back up to a full week of fun and activities. Everything revolves around my running. I am really flexible with everything else and go by feel. If I am having an off day than I will cut back, If I am having a good day than I usually increase my workout. It is all about finding a good balance and doing what you enjoy when you can.

Do you go by a strict schedule or do you do what you feel?

As you can see, I do not go by a strict schedule. I go by a general plan for my running and everything else kind of falls into place.

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