Monday, February 3, 2014

January Recap

I wanted to start doing monthly recaps so I can see where I am in my yearly goals. I want to make sure that I am on track and hopefully not over training. I do hope to run 1000 miles this year and I have to make sure I am doing it smart and safely.

January Stats

Total miles - 48
Longest run - 13 miles
Total time - 8:02:52
Elevation Gain - 4,090 ft

January Races

January 12 - Xterra Boney Mountain Trail Race 21k (recap)

My fabulous Family and I before the Boney Mountain Race

January 26 - Volunteered at Calico Trail Run 30k/50k (recap)

Entrance into Calico Ghost Town


Even though I had less miles than what I would have liked, I feel that my January went really well. I am injury free, and I also ran on consecutive days for the first time in a long time. I ran my very first half marathon in January. I also had a great time volunteering, and if everything goes well I would like the Calico 50k to be my first ultra-marathon next year. Which means I would like to have my very first marathon at the end of this year. So maybe my January went too well and now I have overly ambitious plans for the future.

Family walks - The streak ended before the two week mark. Our walks have gotten less and less frequent since. I hope to get everyone motivated again and start a new streak soon.


No race plans for February. I should get in 62 miles and include more hill climbs if all goes well.

How did your January go for you?


  1. Great month! You conquered your first half and a tough one at that!

  2. january was a tough month for me, the arctic weather was rough! atleast it shouldn't be too hard to improve upon!

  3. Sounds like it was a good month for you! I got a lot of good miles in last month, despite the horrible icy, snowy weather, so I am pleased!

    Miss Adventures in Running

  4. good month, man! :) i'd say you have to ALWAYS take injury-free running as a huge win for the month. :) let's see you kicking some butt here in Feb and knocking out more miles and more running fun. that sounds so cheesy, but i swear to goodness i was being genuine.

  5. Well, I can tell you how January didn't hills! But that might be due to the fact that I live in the flatest of flat places... :) or not. I'm very afraid of hills. There I said it.

  6. Sounds like some hard core training going on!! I have been running on trails too, and hope to do a 50k in May. We shall see... Great job on the half!
    Best wishes with the family walks. :)