Friday, February 21, 2014

Workout Recap Last Couple Weeks

As promised, here is the workout/run routine for the last couple of weeks. My running has been going really well and I have been able to reincorporate some spinning in the week.

This was my plan:

Mondays: Speed work
Tuesdays: Strength train / Stationary bike
Wednesday: Medium distance run
Thursday: Short distance run or Hill repeats
Friday: Strength train / Stationary bike (easy)
Saturday: Long distance run
Sunday: Short distance (easy)

This is how it went:

Week of 10th - 16th

Monday - Did an interval pyramid speed workout. It includes alternating from sprinting and than walking of equal time.
1 minute sprint / 1 minute walk
2 min / 2 min
3 min / 3 min
4 min / 4 min
5 min / 5 min
4 min / 4 min
3 min / 3 min
2 min / 2 min
1 min / 1 min

Tuesday - Did 5 total sets of 20 push ups / 20 sit ups / 20 minutes on stationary bike. In that order.

Wednesday - 6.2 miles in 57:45. Ran at a harder effort than I wanted to.

Thursday - 1.75 miles in 16:06. Was planning on 2 but was still tired from previous day, so I cut it short.

Friday - Rested

Saturday - Ran 4.25 in 45:48. My running partner for my long run wanted to do it Sunday. So I ran a real easy effort medium run.

Sunday - 7 miles in 1:11:44. I know many don't consider this a long run but I am still (really) slowly building up my mileage. One mile at a time.

Week of 17th - 21st (today)

Monday - Did 4 sets of 15 push ups / 15 sit ups / 15 minutes on stationary bike.

Tuesday - Rested

Wednesday - 6.2 miles in 59:39. Was a little slower than previous week but I felt better during the run.

Thursday - 6.75 miles in 1:03:20. I didn't want or plan on running this far. I couldn't roll out of bed to run so I ran in the afternoon during my Son's Little League practice. I didn't run with any goals or expectations, only with a steady level of effort. I really surprised myself with the consistency of pace of my miles.

Friday (today) - I plan on doing my 20/20/20 this afternoon.

Saturday - My running partner again wants to push back our run. So not sure what or if I do anything.

Sunday - 8 miles.

I have noticed that it has been harder and harder to wake up to workout. So this means that I have been pushing myself too hard and will cut back. I do realize my plan didn't include any dedicated rest days but as you can see I do take rest days if I have a lack of energy or time.

Random funny for no particular reason.

Any workout suggestions? 
Any information or data you would like me to include in these periodical recaps?


  1. Great routine recap. I get tired along my training as well, I think you have to push through so your body learns to exercise when you are tired.

    Then again rest days are extermely necessary lol

    1. I agree that there is some value in training while tired. That is why I have been running on back to back days. But I can tell the fatigue is building up and so I think I should take a easy week. Than start building up again.

  2. Good idea ramping up the miles slowly. . .best way to avoid unnecessary injury.

    1. Yep, I think I have an irrational fear of getting injured now. lol. Last couple years I have always had something. So this year I really am trying to have a full year of being injury free.

  3. Looks like a pretty decent two weeks. Are you training for anything specific?

    1. Thank you. I am planning on doing my very first marathon at the end of the year. I have plenty of time so I am trying to train smart.

  4. great training there and YAY for speedwork! funny, i just finished writing a post on that, so it's on my and every training program needs to have flexibility. :)

  5. Good steady build up. What marathon are you thinking about doing?