Friday, March 14, 2014

Ready to Race

I am really excited for my race this weekend. I am participating in the Sheriff's 10k Trail Run on Sunday. The course has steep rolling inclines and declines and is a real challenge. Last year I surprised myself with a 4th place age group finish even though I was still new to the 10k distance. This year I feel like I am in much better shape because of my 20x20x20 routine, and some MASH up workouts (DVD I won from this great blogger) that I have been doing a couple times a week. My running has also been going really well. All of this is giving me a lot of confidence and so I have set some ambitious goals for this race.

Last years stats:

Finish time 1:08:01
Overall place 27 out of 139
Age group 4 out of 16

My "A" Goals

Finish under 1 hour.
Podium for my age group.

My "B" Goals

Beat my last year time.
Finish before my Brother.


Yikes, that is a bad photo. What is wrong with me? I think my third goal will have to be, "be more photogenic" 

I have a race strategy in place and have done my training. Now I just have to wait till race day.

Wish me luck :)


  1. Good luck! You've put in the training time now go out there and enjoy it. Oh, and crush those goals!

  2. Sounds like a fun race. Good luck!!! Pretty sure if I ever made a goal to be photogenic...especially while running... I would never meet it. :)

    1. Being photogenic is one aspect of running I don't think I will ever get better at.

  3. Good luck on your race, look forward to the race recap.

  4. Hope your race went well and you kicked your brother's butt!