Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March Recap

The month of March flew by real fast for me. Overall I believe I had a good month of running and training. I have started incorporating a little more strength training and put some more time in on the stationary bike. I even started off the month with the Quest of Quests which was a 24 mile hike. Here are the numbers for March.

March Stats (running only)

Total Miles - 58.4
Longest Run - 9.08
Total Time - 10:28:53 (hrs:mins:secs)
Elevation Gain - 5,014 ft

January Stats
February Stats

March Races

March 16 - Sheriff's 10k Trail Run (recap)

Sheriff's 10k

March Things of Note

I did a 24 mile Quest of Quests hike earlier in the month. I also gave up looking for my bicycle air pump so I went ahead and bought a new one. So my mountain bike is ready now and I can't wait to get some rides in. My Son's little league games and practices have started. Woo-hoo!  I love baseball and I always look forward to this time of year.
Quest of Quests
Go Yankees!


March saw my overall running mileage drop a little. This was mostly because I took some recovery time off after the 24 mile hike and the 10k race. The last week of the month was also bad week of training. Even though my total mileage was down, I believe the quality of the miles increased. This is because my long runs have been getting longer and my total elevation gain has increased. 


I have signed up for one race in April. The Xterra Black Mountain Trail Run 16k on the 13th. I also have a local Bunny Run 10k that I would like to go to but will be a game day decision. If the weather cooperates I will take my mountain bike out for a couple of rides during the weekends, which I am totally looking forward to. Other than that it should be a good month of racing and training.

Tell me about your favorite thing that happened in March.


  1. Glad March went well for you! I feel like it flew by, too. I seriously cannot believe that it is April already! My favorite thing about March...hmmm....I am not sure I had an amazing time running my half marathon in the rain, but the feeling of accomplishment was worth it!

    Miss Adventures in Running

    1. Yea, it is hard thinking that this year is already 25% over. Finishing a race in non ideal conditions is a great accomplishment!

  2. Great month! Sounds like you have even more excitement planned for April. My favorite thing about March was that it ended. :P

  3. Sounds like a good month and my high has to definitely be my first 10 miler since NOVEMBER!

    1. It is a great feeling when you can start getting back into longer runs again. Also, congrats on your 2nd place on your impromptu race earlier in the month.

  4. Congrats on your 24 mile hike!! I cannot imagine hiking that distance! Great month of training!

    1. Thank you. The hike was tough, but it is fun trying new distances to see what I can do. :)

  5. My mileage was 50 miles this month and I was so happy! I am so looking forward to getting into longer runs again :)
    Great job this month!!!!!

    1. Thank you. Great job on your miles. I am glad that the weather is getting better and the days are getting longer. I can actually get some runs in during sunlight hours now. haha.

  6. dang, a 24 mile hike!! great job on March's training and you are spot on for a few things 1) recovery is super important 2) QUALITY trumps junk miles or just a bunch of quantity for no other reason than to do more. So i say you also win points for doing more strength training, all of that will give you gains in the longterm. way to go, and looking forward to seeing u kick butt in that race! :)

  7. I think that's a great month. 24 mile hike and a 10k is huge. Look forward to April.