Friday, May 23, 2014

A Day in the Life of Me

I enjoy reading blogs and "A day in the Life" posts are always fun to read. Since my life is super awesome I figured I would share some of my awesomeness with you in telling you how a typical, random day goes for me. That is why I have a blog after all. :)

4:00am - Alarm goes off and I go through the routine of arguing and convincing myself that I need to get up and run rather than sleeping in. Sometimes that extra hour of sleep is too tempting and I lose this argument.

4:05am - Today I win the argument and roll out of bed. Get dressed. Find Mrs. Speedypants still up and watching one of the Twilight movies. I hang out with her for a little while.

4:45am - Put on my Garmin watch and Road I.D. I drink a little water and start my 6.2~ mile run. It had rained that night so everything was still damp but I was fortunate that I didn't have to run through any puddles. I actually ran a personal best on this particular route.

6:00am - Drank some Muscle Milk Protein shake, ate a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats cereal, started the coffeemaker, took a multivitamin and an extra vitamin C pill. Drank water.

6:30am - Took a shower, got dressed for work, poured myself a cup of coffee in a to-go cup.

6:50am - My daughter is awake and on her laptop so I say "hi" and "bye" and than I leave for work.

7:30am - I am a Supervisory Data Monitor. I spend the day quality checking the work of the Data Monitors. It is a nice Monday to Friday low-stress job and the people I work with are great. So the days go by fast and I never dread going to work everyday. For lunch I didn't feel like leaving the office so I ate a Powerbar and a chocolate slim-fast shake. I drank lots of coffee and lots of water.

Love my job. 

4:00pm - I leave for home. The Los Angeles Dodgers were playing the New York Mets so I listened to the game on the radio while I was driving. Ever since Time Warner Cable bought the T.V. rights to the Dodgers I have not been able to watch a single game on T.V.

5:00pm - I get home and say "hi" to the family. Since I didn't have much of a lunch, I am hungry so I eat a banana and then Mrs. Speedypants and I start making dinner. We had BBQ beef sandwiches, onion rings, and french fries. Yum, yum, yum. lol.

5:40pm - I do the dishes

6:00pm - Since a lot of our T.V. shows have ended or are ending for the season we decided to go on Netflix and start a "Scrubs" T.V. series marathon to watch as a family. I wanted to get 100 push-ups in for the day so between the episodes I do a set of 20.

8:00pm - We send the kids to shower and get ready for bed. Mrs. Speedypants and I decide we want to watch some "House".

8:30pm - Send the kids to bed. I eat a Popsicle and a bunch of grapes.

Best Popsicles ever!

9:00pm - I go to bed.

So there you have it. An ordinary day for an ordinarily awesome person.



  1. Great post, thanks! haha, love the pictures too :)

    Great dedication with the 4 am starts. Argh, I have that same internal mental argument with myself re: getting up at 4:30 or 5 or even 6 somedays to run lol... Always a better day when I manage to get up early though.

    Cheers! :)

  2. I'm so impressed you can get up so early! It is not one of my best skills.

  3. The husband and I like Scrubs so much that we put the DVDs on our wedding registry. I do not regret that decision. Also, I'm impressed by your wife's ability to stay up til 4 a.m.! Like you, I get up at that time some days, so staying up seems crazy!

  4. I have a hard time getting up at 7, I can't even imagine 4!! Sounds like you have a great job, I'm looking for a job I enjoy, where I don't dread going to either.
    My husband does the dishes sometimes too, and it definitely works! ;)