Friday, August 8, 2014

My Cross Training and Other Stuff

Happy Friday! First week of August is over and it has been pretty good. I have done 2 days of cross training. Woo-hoo!  It is a workout video that I had won from a giveaway a couple months ago from the awesome blogger Michelle. The DVD is MASH UP conditioning. The video itself isn't very good but the exercises and workouts are. I have done two 30 minute workouts and have been sore all week. So either the workouts are tough or I have been neglecting my whole body workouts for far too long. I am sure it is the latter.

Stock Photo

Next week I will return to the pool to swim some laps during my lunch hour. I have been real sporadic with getting to the pool the last couple months and I hope to change that. So here is my weekly plan.

Mon- MASH UP, stationary bike.
Tue- Run, swim
Wed- Run, swim
Thu- Run, swim
Fri- MASH UP, stationary bike.
Sat- Run
Sun- Run

This schedule should be a vast improvement over what I had been doing previously which excluded any workouts that wasn't a three letter word that started with R. So here is hoping for the best!

Other Stuff

I have really been enjoying my new to me Garmin watch. It is a refurbished Forerunner 610 that I had found cheap on Ebay. I was worried that the touch screen on it would be troublesome but it has worked great so far. Previously I had been using the Forerunner 405, which I loved and used for several years. But my trusty 405 started having some freezing issues and the new Garmin Connect activity up-loader doesn't support it. So I took that as coercion from Garmin an opportunity to upgrade.

Garmin 405

Garmin 610
Wait a second, my new watch makes me a whole minute a mile slower.

I gave my youngest Brother his 2nd place loser trophy. He has vowed to come back at the end of the year to redeem himself.

It rained hard this week, and in the desert that means you get flooding. So now even my road runs I need my trail shoes.

Anyone else recently get any new gadgets?


  1. You weekly plan looks solid. That should set up a good base for fall marathon training right?

    A whole minute slower? The thing must be defective. My garmin is on the fritz too and I am slowly coming to terms that it's time to upgrade.

    1. Haha.. I wish I could really blame my watch for making me slower but I know it was me. Yes, I still am planning on my first marathon late this year.

  2. Looks like you are having a great week.

    I have the Forerunner 10 and I really like it, but.... I want to upgrade. I figure that maybe after my marathon in January, I'll start poking around for something else. The 10 has served me well and does what I need it to, but I'd be into some more bells and whistles, too.

  3. Great job getting in cross training! I haven't swum laps since... elementary swim lessons, probably. I'm impressed with your swimming!