Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Run That Dreams Are Made of

Hello to everybody. Yesterday I experienced a perfect run early in the morning. It was a run that dreams are made of. Or is it a dream that runs are made of? I don't know. The point is, is that I was running on one of my normal routes and I felt fast and the run felt effortless the entire time. Even the hills felt easy. It was magical. I would have to compare it to riding a unicorn bareback through fluffy clouds.

Accurate representation of me and my magical run.
Today, I did hill repeats and it totally sucked, which is normal and expected. So until I get my next magical run experience, I'll have the fond memories of my wonderful unicorn ride run yesterday.

In three days I will be racing in the inaugural Xterra Aliso Canyon Trail run 16k. It looks like it is going to be one of the faster So-Cal Xterra courses. So in preparation for this race I have been making sure I don't miss any speed workouts at the track or any hill repeats. I took last month off from any races and so I am really amped up and excited for the race this weekend.  I also have to admit though that one of the reasons I signed up for this race is because it is the same weekend as the Xterra National Championships being held in Utah. This means all the fast runners that show up to these regional Xterra races will not be at the Aliso course and I'll become a middle of the pack runner to slightly better middle of the pack runner. It isn't much but it doesn't really take much to get me excited.


The Xterra Black Mountain race I did last April looks fairly similar in difficulty and I finished in about 1:30:00. So my goal for this race is to finish 1:25:00. It is hard to come up with a goal time with these trail races unless you have done them before. So I will be happy with whatever time I get as long as I know I ran it 100%. 

Now, I just need to call upon my magical unicorn steed to have a magical race this Saturday. Do I need a wand for that?


  1. Good luck Captain! Sounds like a fun race with an odd distance. Everyday can't be unicorns and fluffy clouds because then unicorns and fluffy clouds wouldn't be the unique, mystical experiences that we love them to be. Somedays it's just like dragging a donkey up a hill.

  2. Enjoy the race this weekend! Chasing that unicorn is what gets me out the door for most runs!

  3. Woohoo!!! Your run sounded a perfect run! haha, love the unicorn analogy :) Hope your race went well - looking forward to your recap! :)