Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August Recap

August ended up being a great month of running for me. I didn't have any races so I was able to be more flexible and enjoy my running a little more. I do a lot of races during the year because I really like to challenge myself and I enjoy the competition. But sometimes it is nice to have a small break from those things that make running in races fun. I even was able to explore some more of the hills I have here locally and discovered some amazing views and an old abandoned trail.

A long ways up

Running and exploring some old roads.

My entire town in one picture.

August Stats

Total Miles - 134 miles
Longest Run - 13.5 miles

Total Time - 23:25:21 (hrs: mins: secs)
Elevation Gain - 10,547 ft.


The main goal for this month was to get back to cross training. I did not achieve that goal. The first week was perfect and I got all my workouts and swims in on schedule. The following weeks I missed more and more until finally the last week of the month I did zero swimming and workouts. So yea, major fail. Again, I need to work on this and it is a new month. The wonderful Jen suggested I do a monthly challenge, and I think that I will have to give that a try for this month.

Yes! That is a great challenge.

September Plans

September I have one main race planned, the Xterra Aliso Canyon Trail run 16k. It is a new race in the series and they haven't even finished publishing the elevation profile or maps for the course. So I really do not know what to expect. After that race, if I am feeling up for it, there is a small local triathlon that I am considering. I have never done a triathlon and have been wanting to try one for quite awhile now. I will have to pull my mountain bike from the garage and dust it off first though. I will find a monthly challenge to do and I hope that it will help me stay motivated.

Stat Total for the Year

Total Miles - 724
Longest Run - 15.9 miles
Total Time - 125:17:58 (hrs: mins: secs)
Elevation Gain - 60,267 ft.

Anyone else going to be doing a Monthly Challenge?


  1. Haha, LOVE the napping challenge! I would be all over that one :) Don't be hard on yourself for not getting in your swims and cross training on the last week. This month is a brand new month, you're right. Beautiful photos, and it looked like you had those old trails all to yourself?
    One challenge I have done in the past, which was really good - started off seeming a little too easy but ended up being really, well, challenging, haha - was the 90 day Warrior Workout Challenge, or something like that. It was on the hasfit.com website, and they had other challenges too, 30 day ones, and all sorts. Might be worth a look if you want to add to your napping challenger.
    All the best for your canyon trail race and your training for that too! :)

  2. Great month Captain! I saw the napping challenge too and it is a possibility for September. Go for it with the tri. I think it's always fun to try something new and see what happens.

  3. Great month! It's always fun to find new trails. Looks pretty dry where you are!