Thursday, September 11, 2014

My New Shoes: Asics Gel-Exalt 2 & Hoka Huaka

With all the running I have been doing this year I was starting to really need new shoes. Hoka shoes have been known to go over 800+ miles but I was only able to get 500+ out of mine. Mostly because I have a slight overpronation in my gait. So my Hoka Mafate 3 shoes started to wear down and lean inward and was putting some strain on my ankles. So with the thoughts and dreams of all kinds of new shoes dancing around in my head, I started doing some research and pricing and decided on the perfect shoes.
This must mean that I am soft, and can take a beating. :) 

Asics Gel-Exalt 2

Heel to toe drop - 10mm
Pronation - Neutral to Overpronators
Weight - 10.7 oz

I decided on these shoes because I really liked the first edition of the Exalt and was really hoping they didn't mess anything up with the newer Exalt 2's. The price was right and I just needed another pair of shoes to alternate runs with. 

Asics Shoe Selfie
My initial impression with the Exalt 2's are good. I have worn them for about 30 miles and they work great for me. They aren't the lightest cushioned shoe but they are a great lower cost option. They do feel a half size smaller than the original Exalt and other shoes but that might just be me. 

Hoka One One Huaka

Heel to toe drop - 2mm
Pronation - Neutral
Weight - 8.9 oz


My first Hoka shoes were the Mafate 3 and I really loved them. So I knew I wanted another pair of Hoka shoes to do most of my running in. I decided on the Huaka because of a few factors. One being price, and the other being its weight.

Hoka Shoe Selfie
My initial  impression of the Huaka shoes is great. They are narrower than the Mafate 3 but I like the snug feel of them. They don't have as much cushion as some of the other Hoka shoes but they still have a really soft landing. I have about 20 miles on these shoes and I don't have any complaints so far.


This is the first time I actually have two newer pairs of shoes to alternate my runs with. I really needed two pairs because the Hoka shoes are perfect for long steady runs but are not so great for fast runs. Now I have shoes for every kind of run my heart desires. I do have some worries about the large difference between the heel to toe drop between the pairs of shoes. So far so good. but I will be continuing to pay close attention to how I feel to prevent any possible injury. 

I am a happy runner. :)

What are the factors that you use when purchasing new shoes?


  1. Do you use both for trails? I'm curious how the Hooka's respond on the trails. Also, do you see any difference (in stride or how you feel) running in two pairs with significant differences in drop?

    I typically get nervous trying new shoes. I like to stick with what I know and what has worked before.

    1. I use both of them on road and trails. The Huaka I believe is mainly a road shoe but I have had no issues on the trails yet, even with rocky technical stuff. I have not noticed a difference with my stride or anything yet.

  2. When I get shoes my first concern is does it give me blisters. I struggle with this and get them on even just 3 mile runs if the shoe is wrong. The other factor is how my knee feels. with one bad knee it's important my shoes work for that knee first and the good knee second.

  3. I had to laugh at your first photo and what you wrote under it! :D
    You probably know that altras are also zero drop, but mine are on a lower platform. At least the Lone Peak 1.5 were, I should check the 2.0 against the Hokas. Even with zero drop, if I get too far off the ground I am afraid of tripping. I'm a klutz!
    Its been a long time since i wore asics, but I loved mine. The only reason I stopped wearing those, 3 years ago maybe (?) was that when I went up a half size, the ankle was too high and rubbed. I agree that you can use a lot of road shoes on trails most of the time. I have- just not when it's muddy. And they can get more beat up than trail shoes.

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  5. With all the running I have been doing this year I was beginning to truly require new shoes. Hoka shoes have been known not more than 800+ miles yet I was just ready to get 500+ out of mine. For the most part since I have a slight overpronation in my walk. So my Hoka Mafate 3 shoes began to wear out and incline internal and was putting some strain on my lower legs.