Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Wife is Always Right

I have recently learned that I should always listen to Mrs. Speedypants. Actually, I am continually learning this but I seem to continue making the same mistakes. Early this month Mrs. Speedypants got her flu shot and suggested I do the same. I didn't. She suggested I double up on the vitamin C during the flu season. I didn't. When I got sick she suggested that I take a day or two off from work to rest and get better. I didn't. She got sick because of me (and was not happy about it) but do you know what happened? She followed her own advice and took a day off from work.

The end result?

Mrs. Speedypants was sick for no more than 48 hrs.
I was sick and miserable for 8 days and still am not 100%.

Some of that might be just because she is stronger and has a higher pain tolerance than me. As I have mentioned before, I am a big baby when I get sick. But I believe the lesson to be learned is that you need to get your flu shot, take care of yourself, and rest when you start feeling symptoms, and that the Wife is always right. Every year I believe that it is going to be different and yet every year I should have just listened to her advice.

This week I have been feeling well enough to start running and working out again. It is nice to start getting active again but taking a week off feels like I took a year off. I am sure that it is because I am still recovering from my illness but it is a little unnerving that I am struggling on 4 mile runs when I have 26.2 miles to run in 17 days.

So I will continue with easy runs this week and will reassess my ability and adjust my training plan after this weekend.

Here is a bedhead selfie at 4am. In case you forgot what I look like. :)


  1. I've taken a week off with only about 21 days before a marathon . It is rough to start back up again, but you've got this!

  2. Oh no, hope you feel a lot better soon! Sounds rough :(

  3. Glad you are feeling better. That Mrs. Speedypants is a smart woman! A week isn't long enough to kill your marathon chances. It will take a few runs to feel back to normal and get your strength back though. Just stick with it and focus on the whole training cycle, not just a missed week.

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